How Much Does It Cost to Power Wash a House in Ohio?

Jan 13, 2022

As a homeowner, you typically want to keep your house in the best condition that you can for a number of reasons. Those reasons can include:

  • For your own happiness
  • For overall curb appeal
  • For maintenance purposes to help extend the life of your home
  • For any future plans to sell your house
  • To ensure that rental properties remain clean

Maintaining your home does not have to be a massive headache either. Enlisting residential power washing services near Columbus, Ohio from professional power washers can cut back on the work that you have to do and is an easy way to ensure that your home is kept in tip-top shape.

How Much Does It Cost to Power Wash a House?

For homeowners looking to enlist residential power washing services, the first question is usually going to be what the cost to power wash a house will be.

And while we cannot give you a specific range of pricing for power washing services, as pricing will differ based on the estimate for each home, we can walk you through the different factors that may go into the cost of power washing services.

When it comes to the overall cost to power wash a house, there are going to be a few different factors that a service provider like our team here at Trusted Coatings will take into consideration when providing an estimate.

Service providers will need an idea of what parts of the residential property you want to have power washed. You can have individual parts, or the entire house as a whole do. The different areas that a service provider might be able to power wash include:

  • A house’s siding
  • The driveway
  • A deck or patio
  • Fences
  • Gutters
  • Windows
  • Roofs
  • The house as a whole (including exterior areas like the driveway and deck)

Factors Considered in Power Washing Estimates

When Trusted Coatings goes to provide you with an estimate on power washing services, there are a few more factors to consider than just the areas of the house that need service. Other factors that may be taken into consideration include:

  • The overall size of the house, deck, or patio
  • The height of the house
  • The kind of material that needs to be cleaned (For example, is your house made of wood, concrete, sided with vinyl, brick, etc.?)
  • Outside details like the landscaping of your home
  • How much mildew, mold, or other materials are covering the surface

These factors are great to consider including in your estimate request when you call or reach out via the contact form because it helps us to understand the exact power washing services you need!

So the overall cost to power washes a house and the additional outside areas you might have like a patio or deck will vary.

But with a better understanding of the factors that all go into the cost estimate for power washing, you can reach out to Trusted Coatings with the knowledge that we are trained and experienced professionals who will handle the job with care.

Trusted Coatings Residential Power Washing Services Near Columbus, Ohio

When it comes to providing residential power washing services near Columbus, Ohio, you don’t need to look any further than Trusted Coatings! With over 25+ years of experience in providing painting, staining, and power washing services to customers in Columbus and the surrounding areas, we have become the go-to providers of residential power washing.

With our client satisfaction as a guiding vision behind Trusted Coatings, our residential power washing services near Columbus, Ohio are conducted by an experienced team that delivers high-quality work across the board.

Request a quote today from us to get a better understanding of the cost to power washes your house!




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