Power Washing Services in Columbus, Ohio

Power Washing Services in Columbus, Ohio
Trusted Coatings is trained and knowledgeable in providing top notch pressure washing services to both residential & commercial properties. Our team values customers and make it a priority to communicate, because we believe that keeping clients well informed every step of the way will ensure they receive personalized results.

Professional Pressure Washing Services in Central Ohio

In business, your storefront can have a dramatic impact your company’s success. When asked, realtors consistently rank curb appeal as the number seller draw for a residential property. Our professional power washing services will refresh the exterior of your residential and commercial property, and leave it sparkling like looking brand new again. Trusted Coatings is dedicated to making every property shine.

Our services are flexible to handle all your scheduling needs. Whether it’s working around your peak hours to eliminate interruptions to the business or avoiding that pickup time after your child’s last-minute sleepover, we want to turn your vision into a convenient reality. If you are in the market for pressure washing services, we invite you to have a look at the spectrum of services we offer:

Managed Properties

Professional Power Washing Services throughout the Columbus, Ohio area

The Trusted Coatings team members are skilled and experienced when it comes to residential and commercial properties. We want to enhance and maintain your property’s exteriors. We offer affordable power washing services across the Central Ohio area to get results that will make a long-lasting impression. To learn more about our services, contact us today for a free estimate!


House Washing

Don’t let your home’s exterior be damaged by harmful elements. A house is usually the biggest investment a person is going to make in a life time. Make it worth it and boost your curb appeal!
How can I stop harmful elements from attacking my home’s exterior?

Don’t risk permanently damaging your home’s exterior. Doing it yourself often results in many unintended consequences from using both the wrong methods or harsh chemicals. Trusted Coatings is a professional power washing company with trained and experienced staff. Call us today to get started with the best techniques and applications used for all your residential surfaces.

Roof Cleaning

When it comes to your roof, you need to find a safe and effective cleaning service you can trust. It needs to be both effective and not damage the structure or the surrounding landscaping. Our team has years of experience and can keep your roof protected and your gutters clean, without drowning the daffodils.

Deck Cleaning

A well-maintained deck can last as much as three times longer than one that’s neglected. We offer professional deck cleaning services throughout Central Ohio to keep your deck clean and help improve the value of your overall property.

Window Cleaning

Our windows are exposed to weather changes year-round, creating mineral build up and hard water stains. Keep your windows clear, clean, and healthy with Trusted Coatings! Our team we can help you maintain a routine to prevent any permanent stains or damages.


Similar to our windows and roof, our concrete walkways and driveways should be cleaned and sealed on a regular basis to prevent chipping and cracking. Let us help you prevent such damages with a power washing and maintenance routine.

Gutter Cleaning

The biggest issues resulting from gutter problems isn’t the water spilling over the front, it’s the ice damming and water leaking back into the roofline that can create expensive soffit and even interior wall damage. Regular cleaning can keep your gutters healthy and save you thousands in prevented repairs! Call us today and let our gutter cleaning services across Central Ohio help you provide that ounce of prevention, and not end up with a pound of cure.

Houses/Duplex’s, Trailers, RV’s, Garden Level Buildings

That home may have wheels, but it’s not going through the car wash at the gas station! Let our power washing service provide you the best quality results to help maintain your mobile assets.

Pool decks and Lanais

Due to the humidity and dampness, pool decks and lanais are the perfect place for mold and algae build up. These are particularly prominent in the areas that contain a lot of moisture and those that receive little light. We offer the pressure power washing services to keep your pool deck from becoming a slipping hazard and preventing your lanais stained by mildew.


Fences are susceptible to mildew and mold from irrigation systems. Our employees are equipped to be able to clean and remove those stains and buildup. Call us today and be amazed how we can make your fence look brand new again!

Paver decks, patios, driveways and walkways (Sealing also available)

Our residential pressure washing services in Columbus, Ohio can remove that unsightly moss build up from in between your pavers and seams, as well as apply sealants to weatherproof surfaces and deter its regrowth. With weatherproof sealants, the durability and life-span of surfaces are extended to keep that paver patio looking fresh for years to come.

Construction cleanup

Our pressure washing services in Columbus, Ohio is your source for returning your construction site to its former glory. With our power washing services, we can help clean up the debris that truly make your hard work stand out.

Managed Properties

HOA/Condo Associations

At Trusted Coatings, we understand how important it is to keep exteriors of your condo or neighborhoods clean. Our team is thorough, and will provide heavy duty power washing services that get outstanding results.

Property Managers

Keeping your facility’s appearance updated and maintained can be what influences your property’s success. Our Columbus pressure washing services can help improve your both your relationship with your tenants, as well as their businesses. Call today for a free estimate!

Construction Companies

With construction companies, projects generate a lot of debris. They need a trustworthy cleaning service to maintain a clean property throughout the process. You can rely on our skilled power washing team to provide cleaning services throughout your property.


When it comes to real estate properties, you want your property to look its best. With a good power wash and deep clean, the property value could increase. We can break through years of grime and mold that are hindering your curb appeal. Learn more about how we can assist you. Call today for a free evaluation!

Multibuilding / Multilevel exteriors and roof tops

Roof pressure washing Columbus, Ohio – Our team does not only specialize in simple house wash, we are also experienced in multi-level commercial buildings. With our power washing services, we can transform your property by removing years of dirt and mildew build up, that can damage exterior surfaces and roof tops when left unattended.

Main entrances

Your property is an investment, meaning it needs to be up kept to retain value. Entrances are a huge factor when making an impression. It’s the first thing people experience with a property. Our power washing service will help you extend that welcoming feeling that has customers and employees wanting to come inside.

Common Area and Walkways

These can be the most forgotten places to maintain, yet be the most noticed. Areas such as doorsteps and common areas will keep your property looking clean and new with the help of our power washing services.


Fences can be easily maintained but also easily forgotten. It is a huge contributor to the appearance and value of your property. Our staff can help maintain the beauty and reputation of your property. Call us today to learn more about our power washing services!

Pool and Spa areas

Keeping your managed property clean and maintained is huge for your property’s success. Public areas need to feel clean and safe for consistent customers. Our power washing services can break through mold and dirty mineral buildup to give you the results you want and deserve!

Dumpster / Trash receptacle area

Keep your property clean and clear of any unbearable smells with our cleaning services. Our power washing services in Columbus, Ohio can clean and maintain the dumpster/ trash receptacle area. We provide thorough results to make sure your managed property runs smoothly.


At Trusted Coatings, we understand and acknowledge the importance of safety and health. Our team can guarantee a high-quality job on playground facilities. If you own or manage a playground, contact us for a free estimate!

Mailbox areas

We service power washing services Columbus and throughout central Ohio. You can rely on us to apply our power washing service to keeping your mailbox areas safe and clean.

Laundry rooms

Our team wants to help provide clean and safe atmosphere for clients. Our staff strives to give quality results. Our power washing services will leave your property with superior results, so contact us today for a free consultation!


Large Commercial Properties

Our commercial building power washing services across Central Ohio can restore that weathered look and bring back the curb appeal to your customers. Whether it’s part of your work place organization strategy, or one of the five “S’s”, organizations that look neat and organized, provide a reflection of also being well run. The outside is a reflection of the care and thoughtfulness of the business that’s being conducted on the inside. Let us help you make that great first impression.


We understand just how difficult and critical it is to keep your restaurant gleaming, inside and out. Let our restaurant power washing services throughout Columbus, Ohio keep all your surfaces sparkling, and we’ll take care of the sidewalks, signage and storefront too.

Shopping Centers / Shopping Malls

Shopping centers and malls have to be inviting. Their main goal is to attract people into their area, and to do that, the surrounding areas must be a reflection of the value of the items they are going inside to purchase. Let our power washing services enhance the value for all your tenants’ customers.

Service Stations

Service stations have a tremendous amount of foot traffic. Each day thousands of people pass by, and stop based on the company’s image and appearance. With fueling stations, dumpsters, guests, and small parks, build up can happen quickly; such as grease, dirt, etc. Our gas station cleaning services across Columbus, Ohio- has you covered. Our professional power washing service is top of the line to address all cleaning & safety needs, and make you the store that shines.


A bank is where people go for professional matters. Keeping a clean exterior speaks volumes about a business. Through our Columbus power washing company, we can maintain sidewalks, walls, windows, roofs, and even the parking lot, to ensure a business can keep its professional corporate image.

Medical Facilities

Where a property instills health and wellness as the number one priority inside, do not neglect their value of safety on the outside. By power washing the parking lots/garages, walls, sidewalks, and roof, debris will be eliminated. Our services can help maintain your medical facility’s professional appearance on the outside too! Contact us to hear more about power washing services throughout the Columbus, Ohio area.

Convenience Stores

Not only will our power washings services help keep your exterior fresh, it will also give you a leg up with the surrounding competition. Having your store washed regularly by our experienced team can keep your customers picking you over the next guy, everytime.


There is some serious wear & tear when it comes to sidewalks. Not only do they endure weather implications, but they also get dirt and grime and unnatural contaminants such as old bubble gum. Power washing is a cleaning service we specialize in that can break through and remove those stains and debris buildup.


A storefront is supposed to catch people’s eyes, hence the concept of “window shopping”. How a storefront is presented will be a determining factor to its success. Let Trusted Coatings use our professional window power washing process in Central Ohio. Give your store that look it had on opening day. Let us bring those pavers and stones back to life. Call us today for a free evaluation, we would love to enhance your storefront!

Parking Garages

Most parking garages are mainly concrete, which like sidewalks, can be full of residue, stains, gum, grease, debris from trash, etc. This facility is a perfect place for a concoction of hazardous buildup. We offer our power washing service to do a deep clean to help with appearance and promote a cleaner area to make customers more comfortable.

Dumpster Areas

You might have noticed that garbage cans at home can start to smell due to trash constantly being thrown in there. Well, imagine dumpsters, which are behind every commercial business. Trash is never neatly kept in trash bags when thrown in those dumpsters, usually there is much spillage and residue. Without a power washing process, the smell will be unbearable, and then the bees and raccoons move in. We know how important it is to maintain a company’s professional image when it comes to cleanliness. We realize the extent that should be taken to ensure upkeep on commercial properties. Many other power washing services would overlook these types of exteriors. With Trusted Coatings, our Columbus pressure washing services guarantee a service that will take every factor into consideration.

Shipping and Receiving docks

With this day and age, materials and products are being delivered non-stop. This means it is essential for shipping and receiving docks to have clean and safe protocols to ensure people’s health. We offer power washing services to assist with such safety regulations. At Trusted Coatings, we understand that being safe and healthy is a #1 priority.

Gum removal

We understand how important it is to keep old gum from being tracked into storefronts and carpets, not to mention that potential customer whose day was just ruined because she just stepped in it with her brand-new heels. Our team of professionals has years of experience, and when it comes to gum removal, there is no better way to clean it than our power washing services. We want to help enhance your commercial property’s image and it starts with regular maintenance.

Client Testimonials

What Our Customers Have To Say About Us

We have been very pleased with the professional painting from this company. The team worked together to get the job done in a timely manner. They were polite and showed respect while doing their job

Lora Cain

Administrative Assistant Village of Johnstown

Professional, courteous, and efficient crew. We are very happy with the work and will definitely be returning customers for any future painting needs. Highly recommend Trusted Coatings!

Danielle Ford

The men who came to my home were competent and pleasant. These rooms, both ceiling and walls were done with precision. Same with the painting of the kitchen cabinets. They now look brand new! Plus they left my home neat and clean each day.

Sally Mouawad


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Here at Trusted Coatings we recognize that we are in the service business, and everything we do is designed to put you first. We are dedicated to delivering the best customer experience imaginable, and whether you are a homeowner or general contractor we will earn the privilege to be called Trusted every day!