How Often Do You Have to Paint a Tenant Apartment?

Aug 12, 2021

When it comes to tenant apartment painting in Ohio, you might be asking yourself the question “how do often do you have to paint a tenant apartment”. The interior paint in your rental property serves as both practical protection and an aesthetic touch to the tenant apartments you have in or on your properties.

As a landlord, there are going to be a number of questions tied to the maintenance and overall upkeep of tenant apartments that you will come across. To make it a bit easier on you in regard to tenant apartment painting in Ohio, we have put together this short guide so you can think through painting.

How Often Do You Have to Paint a Tenant Apartment?

To answer the question of “how often do you have to paint a tenant apartment”, we want to take a look at a few different things first. Things like the length of time a tenant has lived in an apartment, laws local to you, and market value can factor into how often you have to paint a tenant apartment.

Local Laws

First off, be sure to check out any local laws that may apply to you as a rental property owner. These may come in at the city or county level. There are not many state laws that tie to how often a landlord needs to paint a rental property.

But there may be city or county ordinances in place that requires landlords to repaint rental properties every certain number of years.

Length of a Tenant’s Stay

Consider how long you have had a tenant renting. If you have a long-term tenant that has been living in your property for a number of years, repainting with a company like Trusted Coatings that does tenant apartment painting in Ohio can go a long way to keeping your tenant happy and your property in top condition.

With a long-term tenant, you may only need to repaint every 4 to 5 years.

If you have a shorter turnover in tenants, take into consideration any general wear and tear that might occur.

Market Value

In our guide to answer “how often do you have to paint a tenant apartment”, you certainly are not surprised that we bring up market value. As a rental property owner, the market value of your property is going to be an ongoing concern.

In between tenants can be a good time to consider tenant apartment painting in Ohio. If you are looking to draw in a new tenant, a fresh coat of interior paint can certainly make a large difference when potential tenants are looking at your rental properties.

The Average Amount of Time

The paint in a rental apartment or home typically faces more wear and tear than that of paint in a private home. Between having different tenants living in a rental, moving in and out, and the potential scratches and scrapes that come with everyday life, the paint puts up with quite a bit.

If you have a regular turnover of tenants every year or so, we think you can expect to repaint every 3-4 years, provided that you can do the color match touch-ups between each tenet from wall hangings & wear in the high traffic areas. If you have long-term tenants, it can be 4-5 years or more before you need to consider tenant apartment painting in Ohio.

Each property and tenant may differ based on these averages.

Work with Trusted Coatings for Tenant Apartment Painting in Ohio

Now that you have a guide to reference when you need to answer your question of “how often do you have to paint a tenant apartment”, consider working with Trusted Coatings! If you think you are coming up on the time to repaint your rental property, contact us online today.

We can help you determine the right paint to help protect and refresh your rental properties with our tenant apartment painting in Ohio.



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