What living room colors are trending in 2021?

Jun 1, 2021

Color trends are something that changes across the industry each year. Publications and paint companies are some of the best ways to find out what the 2021 paint color trends will be in general and for specific areas of the home. New color trends can help guide you to choosing the next color for the different spaces in your home and give you an idea of what can bring a fresh touch.

With the trending colors for living rooms in 2021 out in the world, we have gone ahead and pulled together several of the top colors for you to check out in this short and simple list.

We are going to dig into the living room color trends of 2021 below. Hopefully, you will find the inspiration for your next paint choice.

Trending Colors for Living Rooms 2021

Get Natural with Greens

Different shades of green are making their way onto the list of trending colors for living rooms in 2021. Green paint shades can range from more neutral colors like sage green to darker, more jewel-inspired tones like bluish-green. Depending on the kind of green you prefer, a lighter or darker green might be the way to go for your living room! Read also: Home Interior and Exterior Design Ideas

Green shades can bring a natural feel to a living room, especially shades like moss green.

Basic Neutrals

Neutral colors remain a popular choice! So, it’s not surprising that living room color trends of 2021 include neutral colors such as:

  • Grey
  • White
  • Beige
  • Brown

Neutral paint colors are an easy way to help a smaller space feel larger, and they tend to reflect light (both from lighting fixtures and windows). Neutral colors like white or grey can bring an instant sense of calm into space.

Popping Paint Combos

If a basic neutral palette is not really your speed, no worries. Another of the 2021 paint color trends we have been seeing is that of paint combinations. Paint combinations work to combine two colors in a living room for a cohesive look.

A paint combination can incorporate neutral paint shades to offset brighter colors, but there is an endless number of paint combos. Some paint combinations that we are seeing as living room color trends in 2021 include:

  • Red and beige
  • Blue and white
  • Lilac and purple
  • Grey and orange
  • Yellow and grey
  • Rose and fuchsia

Blush Tones

Also making their way onto the trending colors for living rooms in 2021 are blush tones. Blush tones range from lavenders, creams, to pinks. If you are in search of a softer color but want to steer clear of white, a blush tone might be the way to go.

Millennial pink was a massive trend back in 2017, so it is not entirely surprising that blush tones have stuck around as they have!

Blue Tones

Blue is the last color on our list of 2021 paint color trends. The great thing about the blue tones that we are seeing this year is how varied they are. The blue tones that those in the painting industry have landed on for trending colors for living rooms in 2021 cover a wide basis from teal to vintage blue.

Vintage blues tend to be mixed with greens and grays for a softer look while teals make for a brighter pop of color in a living room.

Work With Trusted Coatings for Your 2021 Paint Color Trends

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