Interior Wall Painting Services Columbus, Ohio

Interior Wall Painting Services Columbus, Ohio
Trusted Coatings is here to put each and every customer’s needs first when it comes to interior wall painting in Central Ohio. Our team of professional painters fully understands just what interior wall painting near Columbus takes to truly bring an idea to life. We aim to bring a fully personalized touch to each space we work in, no matter if you want a simpler approach through one color or something more customized.

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As an interior wall painting company in Columbus, Ohio, Trusted Coatings has been around for over 25+ years. We want to get started on your next project. Call us at 800-273-6156 to get a free estimate for interior wall painting in Columbus, Ohio today!

How We Became a Trusted Name in Interior Wall Painting Near Columbus

Coming from humble beginnings in the back of a Ford Festiva, Trusted Coatings was once a one-man show that has evolved into a full-service interior wall painting company near Columbus, Ohio. Our services include interior wall painting for both commercial and residential surroundings, including color consultation. We take a professional approach to each project we work on through our interior wall painting in Columbus, Ohio. With over 950 satisfied clients, we know that customer satisfaction is a prime measure of our success.

A Closer Look at Our Interior Wall Painting Services for Columbus, Ohio

Our interior wall painting services are carried out by our experienced team of professional painters to ensure that the highest quality work is done in your space, whether it is a residential home or a commercial property. To help give you a better understanding of the interior wall painting near Columbus that we do, have a brief look at what steps are included in the process!

Full Preparation Work

Before our team gets fully started on any kind of interior wall painting in Central Ohio, preparation work is completed. Preparation work is part of our guarantee that the perfect finish for your walls is achieved. We take our time in covering non-painted surfaces and doing repair work as it’s needed.

Repairs As Needed

Part of our preparation work is the repair of interior wall surfaces as needed. You might have come to us for interior wall painting in Columbus, Ohio to refresh the look of your home, so why would you want to leave imperfections behind? Our team handles minor repairs and surface preparation like sanding, caulking, spackling, and filling before we get started on the painting of your interior walls.

Color Consultation

Sometimes you have the perfect idea of what color you want to see! Other times, you may be interested in an outside perspective on how to best bring new color into your residential or commercial space. Our color consultants are here to help you figure out the best colors for your project and keep your design goals in mind.

Clean Up

Once the final touch of paint has been spread, the final steps of our interior wall painting process for Central Ohio can begin. Clean work is a priority here and our team immediately gets started on removing any kind of debris and job-related leftovers from your commercial or residential space that was used. This leaves you with a pristine and uninterrupted look at the space for your final inspection.

Final Inspection

Customer satisfaction isn’t just a fun phrase we throw around here. Once a job is finished, our inspection team arrives at the site to look over everything and obtain your approval before we leave your home or commercial space with all interior wall painting finished.

Partner With a Trusted Interior Wall Painting Company in Columbus, Ohio

Now that you have a better idea of what our interior wall painting services for Columbus, Ohio, and the surrounding areas look like, it’s time to get started on your interior wall painting needs! Whether you are a single homeowner who would like to update your interior wall painting in Central Ohio or you are looking to contract out painting services on a long-term basis, Trusted Coatings is here for you. You can trust that we deliver high-quality services and final projects as an established interior wall painting company in Columbus, Ohio with over 25+ years of experience.
Client Testimonials

What Our Customers Have To Say About Us

We have been very pleased with the professional painting from this company. The team worked together to get the job done in a timely manner. They were polite and showed respect while doing their job

Lora Cain

Administrative Assistant Village of Johnstown

Professional, courteous, and efficient crew. We are very happy with the work and will definitely be returning customers for any future painting needs. Highly recommend Trusted Coatings!

Danielle Ford

The men who came to my home were competent and pleasant. These rooms, both ceiling and walls were done with precision. Same with the painting of the kitchen cabinets. They now look brand new! Plus they left my home neat and clean each day.

Sally Mouawad


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Here at Trusted Coatings we recognize that we are in the service business, and everything we do is designed to put you first. We are dedicated to delivering the best customer experience imaginable, and whether you are a homeowner or general contractor we will earn the privilege to be called Trusted every day!