When is the Best Time to Paint Exterior of House?

Jun 28, 2021

We all know that new paint can change the look and feel of a house, both inside and outside. When it comes to exterior painting in Columbus, Ohio though, you may find yourself asking the question of when the best time to paint house exteriors might be. And while you might want to factor in things such as big life events and your own schedule, the time of year can have a big impact on when to paint the exterior of a house.

Below, we will take you through some of the best times to paint house exteriors. While you can paint the inside of your home at any point in the year, the exterior of your home requires specific conditions.

The Best Time to Paint House Exteriors

Avoid the Rain, General Damp Conditions, and Snow

When you are looking to get exterior painting in Columbus, Ohio completed on your home, it is going to be best to avoid any kind of rain, snow, or damp conditions. When the paint is being applied to the exterior of your home, the final result is going to look the best when applied during warmer weather.

So the spring and winter months, which often have heavy thunderstorms and snowfall, are not the ideal time periods to have the exterior painting in Columbus, Ohio do.

And it can be important to remember that even if the outside of your home does not actually feel damp upon touching it, it can still hold moisture inside. Inclement weather, like a rainstorm, or even just the dew that can form overnight can still be beneath the surface.

Take Temperature Fluctuations into Consideration

Another factor in finding the best time to paint house exteriors is considering the temperature. Exterior painting in Columbus, Ohio is going to be completed best when temperatures are not fluctuating drastically on a given day.

Paint will not dry very well when temperatures might be going from 95F down to 65F all in one day. So parts of the year such as summer, late spring, and early fall where temperatures tend to be more consistent than usual can be a factor in when to get the exterior painting completed.

If you are still unsure of the best time to paint house exteriors, you can always speak to the painting company, like Trusted Coatings, that you are looking to work with for your exterior painting in Columbus, Ohio.

The Ideal Time for Exterior Painting in Columbus, Ohio

Summer is going to typically be the best time to paint house exteriors. The weather is going to generally be warmer and drier than the rest of the year. Rain can certainly differ during any given year, but it does tend to be less during the summer.

Extreme heat, much like extremely wet weather, is best to be avoided as well. But by working with an experienced painting company like Trusted Coatings can ensure that your home is painted during the best time for exterior painting.

With the warm season typically lasting from May to September in Columbus, Ohio, summer is going to be an ideal time for exterior painting.

Get in Touch with Trusted Coatings

Since you now have a good understanding of the best time to paint house exteriors, it is important to work with an experienced painting company. Trusted Coatings has been providing painting services in Columbus, Ohio for over 25 years. With experience in preparation services, custom mural work, and a painting process that is not complete until the customer is fully satisfied, Trusted Coatings is here for you and your exterior painting in Columbus, Ohio.

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